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Are you considering buying new speakers instead of having them rebuilt?

Speaker renovation is a wiser and a less expensive solution to achieve better sound quality than purchasing new speakers.

Quality speakers were originally acoustically engineered and crafted to accurately replicate sound. Quality speakers are like a finely tuned musical instrument - both are professionally designed and crafted.

Older speakers were made with better woods. Finer hardwoods resonate sound in ways newer speakers just can't duplicate. New speakers are manufactured with the goal of cutting costs and high volume production. Today, striving for quality has been replaced by striving for a bigger bottom line. Speakers made in the past were more concerned with quality. They were made to last. Your speakers were made when manufacturers valued their reputation for manufacturing quality speakers.

Your existing speakers will sound like new after Neal's Speaker Service as reedged or reconed them. We specialize in speaker repairing broken or old speakers including speaker reconing and speaker refoaming.

You can have Neal's Speaker Service rebuild, recone or refoam your old speakers for a fraction of the cost of buying new speakers. You will have more sound for less money.

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